Thursday, December 23, 2010

PNW Weather, travels and Merry Christmas!

I have some time to blog while Will is busy messing with Daddy and the cat and Nana & Grandpa Mike entertain Alanna. I've had the kids all afternoon so I'm on a break now. LOL.

So, as I posted last night, I've been having a good time here in the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday was a rare beautiful and clear winter day, but today had to make up for it. Rain.

Ryan and I even had a discussion that living in Washington you get used to the wetness and near constant rain, but after living in the sunny southwest you are no longer accustomed to this incessant weather and find it frustrating and difficult. I much prefer my clear blue skies and heat of New Mexico over the overcast and rain of Washington... though I still think Washington is more pretty, scenery wise. Oh, and the mountains are beautiful!

Our actual travel here was overall uneventful. I always have that issue with where I'm going to sit on the plane... fearing the wing, but because I didn't hear the "Family Boarding" call for our flight we were the last people on the plane and therefore ended up sitting in the VERY last row. It was okay because we had the bathroom right behind us and could get out of our seats and stand in the flight attendant area. Both kids were well behaved so everything went well.

I think as soon as I got off the plane I immediately got a cold. Ug. I don't have allergies to anything and never had issues while home, but I told my mom that I think I'm suddenly allergic to Washington. Is that possible? I'm better npw and it was nothing major, but still annoying.

And what else is annoying?! My "little friend" decided to come visit Washington as well. So. Not. Cool. I miss 2 pills and suddnely I need to go to the store and get some supplies. THAT is annoying. (TMI? well, it's my blog!) Oh well, I digress.

Our little family made a day trip up to Port Townsend to visit some of Ryan's family. We had a good time and hopefully I'll get the super yummy pumpkin cranberry muffin recipe that I couldn't stop snacking on. The kids loved it too.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that is the real beginning of the hoiday festivities. We'll have our own little Christmas, later there will be the gift exchange Christmas with my immediate family and on Christmas day will the the HUGE Christmas with my extended family in the morning. Later on Christmas will be dinner with Ryan's extended family followed by the gift exchange with his immediate family in the evening. Whew. Lots of fun in the coming days!

I'll have to get into telling you all about the big family Christmas with my extended family, but that will be for another time.

Not sure if I'll get to blogging before the big day so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year. I really mean it!

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