Friday, December 31, 2010

Pics from the 2010 Mass Christmas

We have now made it back to New Mexico so I can finally upload some pictures from my camera. Going through them I am a bit saddened that I really didn't take very many. Some of these following photos were what my mother-in-law sent me.

I'll probably try to post more over the next few days of different things that went on during the trip -- but this is my dedication to our Christmas!

Alanna with all our family gifts for the 4 of us.

Will gingerly unwrapping his new shoes.

Totally thrilled with my serger!

New coat!

It is tradition that Grandkids get a pic in front of the Christmas tree in my family.
But Alanna had fallen asleep after the "Family Photos" so we just stuck her on a present for the photo op.

The Christmas tree at my Grandpa's house in Oregon.

These were all the grandkids present for the Christmas in Oregon. If you think this is alot, realize we were missing 10 grandkids, 5 of their spouses, 12 great grandkids and a few step grandkids. (I think my math is right there)
(TaMara & spouse with 4 kids, Taryn & spouse with 2 kids, Jered & spouse with 4 kids, Leighton & spouse, Valerie & spouse with 3 kids, Laurence's 4 kids, Meri at college...)

my view of the organized gift opening. This was the first time I EVER got to not sit on the floor! By the way, most of the aunts and uncles were behind and to the right of me so... not in the pictures!
Grandpa with the only Great Grandkids at the gift opening -- my babies!

Will with his gifts at Nana & Grandpa Mike's house

Alanna had lots of gifts as well, but she was more interested in the bows.
After all the presents were opened, Alanna still would rather play with bags, bows, boxes and wrapping paper than the toys.

As I said in my last post, we were very blessed this year. So blessed in fact that we checked 6 FULL bags on the plane for our flight home (thank you Southwest!) as well as spent nearly $150 to mail some packages home. UG! I think we'll work something out with the families about giving gifts next year so it won't impact our pocket book as much to actually take them back to our house...

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