Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Massive Christmas of 2010


I hope yesterday was a wonderful day for all of you. Ours was great yet tiring.

Thing is, our "Christmas" started on Christmas Eve morning and ended Christmas night. Whew!

We started out doing our little Christmas just the four of us opening our gifts to each other. My highlight??? I got a SERGER! YES! And Ryan got a really nice new winter coat.

Later on it was time to meet up with my family.

It was fun to be around family and in fact this was the first year ALL of my family was together for the first time since our wedding 5 1/2 years ago. My sister's husband and my husband have not been home at the same time... and her husband had never met my kids. So it was decided sort of last minute that we had to get new "FAMILY" photos done. Had we known ahead of time, Ryan would have brought his uniform home and he could have worn it along side my brother in his uniform. But, no worries. They turned out very nice.

After the pics we were back at my parents' place for my family's gift exchange. I will say my children will not have a shortage of clothes for awhile! Thank Goodness! Little Alanna had only 3 outfits for her 9-12 month size.... which she now fits in.

We did do the drive to northern Oregon for the BIG family Christmas. My mom is one of ten kids (all from the same mom & dad) and we all try to get together, though I believe nearly 4 families were missing. Last year we were only down for the huge family dinner so I hadn't been down for the gift exchange since before I was married and Ryan and the kids had never experienced it -- the few hours of youngest-to-oldest gift opening, 3 at a time.

After all that we drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Puget Sound to have dinner and more gift exchange with Ryan's family. I felt a little bad because after eating I sat down on the couch and basically cat napped for awhile. Usually I'm much more social, but was super tired after all the stuff from the day before and the driving. Not to mention Will's horrible whining and misbehaving. I think he was just tired from all the travelling and strangers and excitement as wel.

Then we finished off our Christmas day opening Ryan's family's gifts at his mom's. From here the kids received a bunch of new toys. I guess when I get home I'll have to go through all their stuff and probably half them and change them out periodically.

Still not sure how we're going to get everything home to New Mexico --- Postal Service!

We are extremely blessed to have the families we have and for most of them to be in financial situations where we can really give to one another. That has not always been the case. Many of us also have our charitable givings as well... though I will admit that I think we can do more.

I would have included some pictures with this post but I did not bring the cord to download the pics from my camera to the computer. Guess I'll try to remember to do that once we're back in NM!

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a great Christmas! I bet that was pretty neat getting together with so much family! :D