Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life and Times of the Little Ones

Just sharing some stuff going on in the kids' lives. They grow fast and sometimes I'm not as good at showing people their changes and developments.

First off: Time at Explora!

Alanna liked the little fuzzy toys and balls.

William clamoring through the "castle"

That pipe behind him is where they drop ping pong balls -- a favorite game in this room.


Alanna following me in the house
Video Too!

Will and Occupational Therapist Chelle at ABQ Jump!

Video of Will going down one of the slides


Alanna holding her own bottle

learning to self-feed in the high chair

pulling up and "surfing" along the couch

look at those cheeks! We think she's teething... but it's been weeks and she's got nothing to show for it.
Video of Alanna standing and semi-surfing with support
In a cute sailor dress for church

Will wanted to wear Ryan's uniform shirt

Coming after the camera

sleeping while in Old Town

gumming a pickle. This girl eats everything!
And these final few videos - long and dull. I was trying to record Alanna making noises and then I gave her the camera to see what it would turn out like.

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