Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He will qualify

Today William was tested for his speech.

He will definitely qualify for the assistance and therapy for Albuquerque Public School (APS) when it is time to transition from Early Intervention.

Becca came over and began his test... and he didn't want to participate. He wanted to be 2 and do things his way as well as be shy.

Even though Will could do and understand what she was asking, since he did not perform during the tests he scored incredibly low. Like, REALLY low.

She will be including notes that there are things he can do and in a non-demanding situation he does actually understand and perform -- but for now BOTH his receptive and expressive language scores are low enough that he will easily qualify for APS.

I've had some discussions today about Will and Apraxia. There are several parts of this that make it hard and sad, but the fact that with his intelligence level he actually KNOWS there is something wrong with him just makes my heart break for him. During the testing he was shown a page and had to point to certain pictures, which he knew; baby, ball, bird, shoes, etc...

After doing something else he is shown a page with pictures on it he knows and when Becca pointed to them and asked him what it was he just looked at her. He knows what the picture is of. He knows what it is called. He knows the word for it... but he can't make that sound come from his mouth. Since he knows he can't make the sound he doesn't even try.

It's just not fair. He is a bright little boy and I love him so much... and he has to work SO HARD for something that is normal and easy for so many other kids.

I know he can overcome this. It will take awhile, but he will find a way to communicate and with the progress he has already made there's only more good to come.


  1. I'm glad he's going to get the services he needs! Hopefully this will make him stronger and help him to persevere in other areas of life as he grows older. You're a great mom!

  2. Hey, can you email me so we can chat about getting together when you're here? I've tried replying to your comments it's set as noreply:( My email is on my profile page. Thanks:)