Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

I don't know about you, but I'm getting super excited about Christmas. There's just something about having little kids that brings all the magic back. I think this is the year that Will will actually start "getting" it... the whole tear-open-presents thing. I even have tried to get him excited about Santa (yes, we're doing the Santa thing) as well as talk about baby Jesus.

Maybe with the language issue he's not getting it, but maybe he is, so I keep telling him though he doesn't seem interested.

Anyway -- I've been having a GREAT week. First off, William is still making progress with his speech so that is thrilling. Also, Alanna is beginning to balance more and has stood without support a few times for a few seconds. And I want to add that I've pretty much finished ALL my Christmas shopping that needed to be done in New Mexico!

On Monday an old friend stopped by. He was on his way from Louisana to Washington and came through Albuquerque so I was able to spend some time with him. Lots of history there, but long story short we've really only been great friends -- regardless of how much his girlfriends hated me. LOL.

We had dinner at my place and he got the chance to get to know Ryan better and meet the kids. The next day I took him to Old Town and we wandered the shops and found some gifts, lunch at Gardunos and then movie at my house while Will napped and Alanna enjoyed playing with toys without brother stealing them. When Ryan was home we ordered some Dion's pizza and enjoyed an evening of more talk and stories. From what I've heard he made it safely to Vegas and was on still on his way to WA.

And then to really top off my week my brother stopped by! YAY! I hadn't seen him since April. He told me he had a few friends driving with him -- 1 dropping off in Sacramento and the other in Oregon. So I got my house ready. He's been at Army training for awhile and to be honest I figured he was bringing two Army buddies along, and he was, I was just a little surprised when I open the door at 1 am and find him standing there with 2 pretty girls! They seemed nice though.

I knew it was just a crash stay so I let them sleep and then they got up in the morning, got ready, packed the car (including ALL the presents under our tree so we didn't have to mail or pack them in our suitcases) and then had breakfast and headed out. It was short but sweet. I'll see him in a few days when I get to Washington so I wasn't sad we couldn't hang out very long.

And I can't remember if I posted about the church performance I was in this past weekend. Overall it went well and I think I did alright on my solos/duet. Here are just a few pics of that:

Me as Norma ready to go - check the mic!
Hannah played Angie, my sister. She's so cute.
And a pretty unflattering picture of me, but I wanted to show one of my costumes -- I made that apron!

And now I wanted to show some of our Christmas decorations around the house:
Here's the Nativity Scene. I keep saying I want to buy a new one eventually... one of those super fancy ones with 3 camels, more shepherds, sheep, a cow, and angel, etc... but I'm sure that is YEARS down the road.

Our Christmas tree. This pic doesn't do it justice. I'd had such drama over getting all those stupid lights to work. Ever since we bought the tree almost 5 years ago there has always been 1 strand that never lit up. This year I was determined to fix it... even bought one of those tree light saver guns, couldn't fix it, was all upset and then Ryan finally did it!

My little Christmas town. I bought these back in High School and this is the first year I ever displayed them. I'm sure not bringing them to Japan with us might have had something to do with that.

And finally -- we had a winter storm blow through the other day. It dumped a good amount of snow, but was pretty much gone by the afternoon the next day. On my way out to get some shopping done I saw that we had mini icicles! How fun!

And a random picture: in Old Town at one of the shops there were mini sombreros so I put one on Lana's head and took a picture. As you can see she's totally into it.

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