Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plans change

Sometimes plans are put on hold, like today.

I totally had everything planned out for what we were doing today. Going shopping with the gift card to look for holiday outfits for the kids, pick up a new toothbrush for Will (since the other one has gone missing and when asking him he keeps going to the diaper pail, which was recently emptied), and then be back in time for lunch and Will's speech therapy.

Yeah, that all changed this morning around 5 a.m. when Will was brought into the room with changed clothes and Ryan saying, "he threw up".

About 6:30 we were up for good when he then puked in my bed.

The poor kid has thrown up several more times since then... though he seems to be doing better as I write this -- even pushing over his baby sister.

His speech session has been cancelled and rescheduled for next week.

Guess today we'll just chill at home and do some laundry. Not sure if we'll go to PWOC tomorrow morning... maybe we'll just attend the movie part and I'll keep the boy with me.

Having sick kids always makes me feel bad. It's never fun being sick.

Anyway, on another topic -- a reader of mine gave me an award!

Thank you Rachel over at Flying High! She has a cute blog that I recently started following and that lucky duck just got orders to PCS to Colorado Springs! Best of luck on the move! I wish we could end up there someday.

Anyway, here's the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave the recipients a note telling them about the award.

And now for the 7 things about me...

1. I detest doing laundry. Any of you followers might remember my post about laundry - my opinions and feelings have not changed.

2. In the past few months I have fallen in love with Beth Moore Bible Studies. They are totally up my alley learning-wise and I look forward to my next study of hers, though I'm not sure what it will be. Suggestions?

3. One of my future goals is to design and build my own house. Not sure how well that will work out with wanting to also be a career military family so we'll see what happens.

4. At our house we LOVE watching movies. Netflix has been a blessing to our budget and I recommend them to anybody. (if you choose to do netflix, put me in as your referring person... I won't mind a kickback!)

5. I am actually somewhat crafty though I feel that I don't have much time to do it. I like to sew, scrapbook (though I do that online now), create invitations & brochures & the like, and if you take me to someplace like Michael's or Hobby Lobby there is a slim chance I'll leave without anything. And my favorite store was the Daiso in Japan -- an American crafters dream! Lots of fun stuff to work with for super cheap!

6. I'm not grossed out by a lot of stuff. I've disected cats in a science class, gone to cadaver day at a local college, dealt with all sorts of bodily functions from my children (example, today's post) and other people. BUT... I cannot clean out the drain trap in the kitchen sink without gagging.

7. I used to dream about directing and/or creating Broadway shows. It was also an ambition to be a creative director, manager or owner of a theatre. That would still be nice, but after leaving my college and my Theatre major behind when moving to Japan and pursuing Legal Studies and having my children, that has fallen by the way side. It's still nice to think about though.

And now for the 7 recently discovered blogs:

1. My friend over at 'Mom'fiscated. I actually know her personally since we were both stationed at Yokota in Japan and went to church. She's got 4 lovely boys and the stories she has to tell of her personal life can be hilarious. She only recently started blogging so I look forward to what she has to share.

2. Courtney K. at Life:Beautiful. She is a wonderful photographer and though sometimes I think she's too critical of her lovely work she seems very down to earth and friendly. And her son is very cute to boot!

3. Jessica at Me, Him and the Army. Her husband is currently deployed and her blog is similar to mine in the way that depending on what is going on in her life dictates what she writes about.

4. Lora at My Camo Kids. Another wife with a deployed husband. She's got 4 kids ranging from 10 months old to 11 years old. She's got some great insight and a great attitude and it's nice to see a strong woman holding things together -- what I plan to be like if/when my husband has to go "over there".

5. kmcaffee at The Six of Us. Yet another military wife! She's got her 4 kids and I love the Lu-isms section of her blog.

6. The Undomestic Army Wife at ...And the Adventure Continues. Not really THAT recent of a discovery, but I find her blogs honest and relatable. Oh, and her husband is ALSO deployed. And BTW, her miracle twins should be born any day now!

7. Stacy at Not JUST A Housewife. My most recent discovery. A mom of 4, Funny lady and quite versitile in what she can do. Her post on baby weight and girdles made me literally laugh out loud.

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