Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Needing Other Mama's Advice

I need to work out.

I just do.

When living in Japan I had an AMAZING personal trainer who kicked my butt and taught me so much more than I had learned in my weight training and step classes and the like. I lost nearly 30 pounds! Then she PCS'ed and I kept up with stuff for awhile... then life happened, work got super crazy, and soon after I got pregnant with my first kid. At that point I was truly happy I lost that weight because I gained it all back during that pregnancy!

If I'm in a gym, I totally know what I'm doing and if in the right frame of mind can really push myself (hello lunges, how I have NOT missed you!).

Anyway, after my 6-week post-partum checkup with Alanna, I began the P90X workout, lean version. OMG! I loved it! In the 1 month that I actually did it I was seeing real results that were pretty apparent.

The most difficult part was finding the time. I am still struggling with that. The baby would demand being fed or my 2-year-old would try to climb over and under me while doing the workouts. That's not much fun when you're trying to do yoga and hold positions. And since they wouldn't nap at the same time I just had to give up because in the evenings my husband was not very willing to set aside and hour and a half for me to do my thing. I'm still kinda steamed about that.

Now I'm putting weight back on. This does not make me happy. Going for walks isn't really cutting it because I don't have a workable double stroller and if I make Will walk he doesn't go very fast or as far as I would like. And I am REFUSING to cut out chocolate!

So what do you other mama's do? How do you get your exercise in while still keeping up with your young ones. And no, I don't ignore my kids... even as I type this I've got them hanging on me and playing with unused computer cords and mouses (safely).



  1. I do my workouts AFTER the kids go to bed... even if its only 15 minutes. There are some amazing 10 minute workouts on Netflix that are great for getting a full body workout in quickly (there are 5 10 minute workouts on each DVD or play it now)

    It may be at night (which some people tell you NOT to do) but at least you'll get a workout in :)

  2. Hey! Head on over to my blog to pick up your award!

  3. Have you thought about joining a gym with childcare? Or doing a co-op with another mom? I'm not a mom, but when I nannies, I took advantage of my gym membership!!