Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Little Eater

Do you see this sweet little baby??

Yeah... really sweet. (She actually is)

This little girl LOVES to eat.

She's got NO teeth but will gum anything she can get her itty-bitty fingers on.

Alanna is quite funny because she hasn't quite yet learned that you have to let go of the food for it to actually stay in your mouth, but she's getting closer.

Compared to William at her age she is already much more experimental in food tastes and enjoys a wider variety. She eats almost anything I offer to her -- and her favorite is chocolate. If she sees me eating anything chocolate she crawls over, stands up holding the couch and cries very loudly while looking at me; her way of saying she wants some.

In fact, if I'm eating ANYTHING she thinks she has to have a taste. Thankfully she's got the idea of chomping on food because apparently while I was gone the other evening and Ryan was watching the kids William fed Alanna an Oreo cookie. Go figure. She also likes crackers of any sort as well as mashed potatoes.

I'm happy that she's so willing to eat, especially after William who was, and still is, an incredibly picky eater.

So I wonder how Thanksgiving is going to go tomorrow with these little ones and their eating habits!

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