Saturday, November 13, 2010

The kiddos

So somebody (ahemLaRettaahem) mentioned that the family is wanting to see the videos and pictures of my little ones. Apparently I haven’t been updating enough.
There are more of Alanna mostly because, as a baby, she is changing and growing fast. BTW: William is still making improvements with his speech as well.
Without further ado --- here’s an overload!
Making Faces


He is still so serious often!

He thought I was going to take away his bag of Monster Cookies from Grandma.
Eating a Monster Cookie. He really likes them!
Swinging at the Park.

Riding the Airplane at the Park

Alanna with Hannah at the Church 40th Anniversary Dinner.

In her crib for the first time!


Alanna with Hannah at church

Double Bathtime! Will likes to splash Alanna all the time.

At the Park

Crawling around at the park.

I bought a cute Duck costume from Burlington Coat Factory. Neither of my kids will wear it next year, but for $4 I couldn't pass it up! And the fact that Lana is crying just makes me crack up everytime!

Alanna's First Day Crawling
Alanna crawling down the hall to me
Alanna sitting and crawling around
William dancing/fooling around

Alanna climbing up on me

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