Sunday, November 21, 2010

Being Positive!

I feel like some of my recent posts make me sound bossy, whiney, complaining.... Can I blame PMS?

Not really.

Things are actually going alright. Alanna is growing so fast... she's pulling up on everything and has begun "surfing" along the couches.

William is still slowly making improvements with speech. I have to admit that lately I've been having mini meltdowns internally about my little boy. The most recent was Saturday while at the mall making an appointment for family pictures - a 17 month old boy pointed at Alanna and said "baby". Here Will is nearly 33 months (2 1/2) and he can't even say "mama" without a prompt. *sigh* Things won't happen overnight, I know, and our goal is by the time he's 5 he should be talking normally. That is a few years away.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is fast arriving, closely followed by Christmas. We still haven't made plans for Thanksgiving and I might just go and buy a small turkey for our little family. It seems a bit depressing to me because I love to have bigger Thanksgiving celebrations with friends and family --- but it doesn't look like that will happen this year. Plus, Will doesn't like turkey OR potatoes so really only Ryan and I will actually eat the dinner. Plenty of leftovers!

The good part about Thanksgiving almost being over is that I will start decorating for Christmas! I'm already planning on what I'll be doing. Hopefully next year I'll buy some personalized embroidered stockings that match for all of us. That's my goal. I think there are some beautiful ones out there but they're a bit too expensive for the budget this year. And maybe I can splurge and get a personalized matching tree skirt too!

And my house is actually very casual and I really have no sense of decorating style implemented in my home so don't think I'm some crazy holiday decorator, 'cause I'm not.... though I wish I was.

Having my kids around I'm looking for crafts to do for the holidays to help get in the spirit of things. Do any of you have ideas that are easy enough for toddlers to do?

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