Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the winner is... (and other things)

*kim* from Kim's Clever Notions. My friend Mandie referred her to my blog to enter the giveaway and she won! Congratulations Kim!

Here's a video of the drawing so you can all see it was legit. Ryan was there as witness!

And Kim, please e-mail me (aussiedolphin@hotmail.com) so that I can then get your gift certificate e-mailed to you from the Vintage Pearl.

This was fun and I will probably do another giveaway in the future.

Now on to other fun stuff.

It has been quite a week and we have been busy! McCall's Pumpkin Patch, which was a blast, the Harvest Festival, carving pumpkins, Halloween, buying a new car... whew!

No need to go into details on everything -- just enjoy the pics and captions.

McCall's Pumpkin Patch:

Will riding in the Cow Train.
He was in the first barrell.

Ryan and Will checking out bunny town.

Lana keeping warm. It was VERY cold that morning... the type of cold that makes you understand the term "biting cold"

Will trying out the kids' maze. I did have to help him...

Will and I on the bouncy pillow.

He actually really enjoyed it!

Will's favorite part of the trip -- the giant slide

The yclimbed to the top and came down those tubes.

Going to do the corn maze

Corn rows

Ryan and Will

Lana and I. It was actually difficult to push the stroller through the path with all the ruts and such, but it was still fun.

Me and Alanna on the Hay Ride to the Pumpkin Patch.

Ryan with some of our pumpkins. They were huge!

Will with Pumpkin

Carving Pumpkins

I cut the tops off all of them and Lana enjoyed just checking them out.

Will got up from his nap and I tried to get him to at least try carving, but he wasn't having any of it.

Alanna, on the other hand, was all gung ho!

Since Will was tired and a bit grumpy, I gave up and tried later.
These videos show his reaction once he was more awake when it came to touching the inside of the pumpkins.
In the end I had to scrape clean and carve all of the pumpkins. Only after we threw them out after Halloween I realized I didn't get a picture of Ryan's pumpkin... which was a spider.

Alanna's Pumpkin - Ghost
Will's Pumpkin - Happy Face
My Pumpkin - Trick or Treat

Harvest Festival
The back of Alanna's Dinosaur costume I got in Japan when Will was a baby.

Will as a Cowboy, playing games in the Toddler section of the Harvest Festival at our church the Friday before Halloween.

He LOVED the bouncy castle. So much so that when we had to drag him out nearly 30 minutes later he cried.

Lana slept a good portion and then just sat in her stroller and looked around. I think she was a bit confused with all the commotion.

Will also liked the police car. He enjoyed the front seat waaaaaay more than the back seat. There are fun buttons and lights and a laptop in the front!

Me and some very tired, whiny kids right before leaving the Harvest Festival.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

The only decent pic I could get of the two of them. Both were distracted and trying to get away.

Will with Daddy walking to go door-to-door on our cauldasac.

Me (in scrubs as a doc), Alanna as a Dinosaur and Maya the dog as a ladybug.

We did have fun and ended up handing out a LOT of candy.

Buying a Car

Let's see if I can make this short. Originally we weren't buying a car until after taxes. Since Ryan is starting classes again in January we needed a second car sooner. We had done our research and began shopping and knew what our price limit was and what kind of car Ryan wanted.

At the dealership we found a great car. Since we were willing to walk away and it was the end of the month, we got a GREAT deal and exactly what we wanted.

Even then we walked away and said we wanted to sleep on it and come back Sunday to close. After talking with both of our parents and some prayer, we felt it was the right decision. So we bought a slate blue 2011 Ford Fusion SE. In the end the dealership really didn't make much money off of us and we purchased the car just over cost.

Why a brand new car? We didn't want to get screwed not knowing the past of a vehicle, like we did with the Focus. So we wanted new. And the Fusions were keeping their value even years later. A 2007 wasn't even $5000 cheaper than the 2011.

It is a lovely car. Quiet, smooth...

It's an automatic, has got a sun roof, back up sensors, power windows, power locks, keyless entry, huge trunk, sirus radio (for 6 months), SYNC, room for carseats in the back, and although it's only a 4-cylinder engine, that's all we really need.

How was your week?


  1. It looks like you guys have been busy! The farm looks fun, especially in the cow carts. So cute! And nice car. Even though they didn't make a lot it was good for them to get it off the lot:)

  2. Wow! I'm so stoked about winning! :)

    Thanks for your giveaway and having mutual friends in Mandie. She is the bee's knees for sure.

    I love all the pictures too, looks like some good times and congrats on the new ride. :)

    Emailing you now.