Monday, October 11, 2010

Balloon Fiesta 2010

We have lived in Albuquerque just over a year now. Last year we attempted going to the famous Balloon Fiesta on the final Glodeo night to see the fireworks. It was a complete bust! We sat in traffic over 2 hours and when we finally got to the turn for parking the police had blocked it off because it was full. We did not see the balloons last year.

This year we tried a number of times before we were successful. First we went on Monday... which happened to be a day that the balloons were on a flying competition and not present. That sucked. Then we tried to go on Friday mid-morning and discover that there still are no balloons unless it is early in the morning or in the evening. That was a wash! So we decide to come back that evening for the Glodeo.

I wanted to leave by 5:00 but Ryan didn't get home until after 6:00 from work and then with traffic and barely getting parking we arrived at the Fiesta about quarter after 7 pm. Many of the balloons were already deflated but we got to see a few glowing. As we would get to one they would begin deflating it. Then we walked to another and it would also go down. This continued until we found one that we just stayed next to and sat down to watch the fireworks, which began shortly thereafter.

Both the kids seemed to enjoy the fireworks! And Will even got a glowing sword that he is still in love with.

Then on Sunday morning we got up early enough (5 am) and left 30 minutes later to head back to the Balloon Fiesta for the Mass Ascension. We showed up close to 7 am and were able to see a few balloons already inflated and glowing before sunrise.

We watched a few balloons unload and others air up and they began to take to the air. It was neat to watch and it was interesting... but now that I've seen it, to me it is not worth getting up that early to see it all up close. I thought all the balloons would be inflated and waiting and then slowly let off one by one, but instead they seem to go in waves and some are off and floating while others still aren't unrolled on the ground. Will enjoyed watching them take off and float away while Alanna only seemed interested when the pilots were firing them up ('cause it's loud).

After we watched many of them float away we headed back to the car (still watching them) and drove off to iHop for breakfast. It is cool to see all these majestic balloons flying over the city, so peaceful.
Anyway, we went to the early church service and then home for naps. I'm glad we finally went to the Balloon Fiesta and I think we'll try to actually attend a whole Glodeo next year!

Friday, October 8 - Glodeo

Sunday, October 10 - Mass Ascension

Video of Ballon taking Flight


  1. I'm glad I decided not to go by myself so early in the morning! It looks like it was really beautiful though! I'm glad you were able to make it to a Mass Ascension. :)

  2. "I'm like most of these comments (and maybe I've commented to you before??). Been a follower for awhile but I'm never sure how to [roperly introduce myself, so HI! I'm Sierra, wife to an AF man, SAHM of 2, constant and dedicated Christian. You can find out more of me and my family @

    It is hard to comment to blogs. In fact I'm feeding my 5 month old as I type this one-handed!"

    Hey! Thanks so much for commenting! Glad to finally "meet" you! :) That is so funny that you said you were typing with one hand, I do the same thing all the time!