Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trip Home Photo Overload

Alright, I've waited long enough and don't seem to have the time and patience to get the rest of my photos... so I'm missing the ones of our visit with Ryan's family and seeing Ryan's grandparents -- My MIL has them and I'm never connected to our external harddrive to download the pics. I'll try to get to them eventually.

For now, here are some (or a lot) of pics of our trip to Washington!

arriving at SeaTac... and no, that is NOT a double stroller

playing with the kitties

totally chillin'

Will and Aunt Lissa at the Rainier Football Game
Alanna at the Football Game. And we just left 95 degree weather for 60 degree weather so my kids got cold easily!
Great-Grandpa with Alanna and Will

Will with Cousin Zach's baby chickens

Cousin Bradley with Alanna

Will with the Chickens again - my fav pic

Shooting dad's new gun. It was LOUD

second cousins
Miranda, 5 months & Alanna, 4 months
second cousins
Kylia, 3 & William, 2

Lissa with Alanna

5 Generations: My Great-great Aunt Caroline, my Grandpa, my mom, me and my kids

Will going for a ride on Great-Grandma Genny's scooter chair

4 Generations: My Grandpa, my dad and mom, me and my kids. (BTW: Grandpa just had some skin cancer removed from his face that's what is up with the bandage)
Both kids visiting Grandma
Lissa having Will sit on the horse (and that's Zach holding her steady)
Me riding Sissy
Will got into the Kitty's bed

Alanna checking out the bee exhibit at the Puyallup Fair

Will pretend milking a cow

Will on the carousel

Will's favorite ride - the canoes

the space ship ride

banging on the kids' drums
feeding the sheep - and it bit him

Alanna at the fair

waiting for our flight at the airport to go home
even though it was delayed we tried to stay positive!

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