Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Again!

We are back in Albuquerque!

To be completely honest, I think I still prefer driving over flying... but maybe that's just me.

Tuesday my sister was in Washington (and she did find my camera) and we went to the Puyallup Fair. Amazingly, she'd never been before. We walked through the stuff for sale, looked at a few exhibits and collections and checked out the animals. Will had a blast looking at cows, running around, and looking at the goats. He was getting frustrated he wasn't allowed to touch the animals so we did the petting zoo part. Later we found the sheep you could feed, but after one sort of bit him he wasn't to pleased to be around them.

Will also went on rides. He was tall enough for 3 of them so I bought 10 tickets and he enjoyed himself fully. His favorite was this little boat ride. He also went on the carousel and the spin around rocket ride.

Alanna was also behaving well enough. She wanted to be carried around more than ride in the stroller so we tried to accomodate her. After all the rides Will got back in the stoller and within 5 minutes was totally passed out.

I wanted to get the kids photo taken in the Frontier Booth but after Will woke up super cranky and we got the outfit on him, he was completely uncooperative... so Alanna had the picture taken by herself.

It was an exhausting day, but we really did have a lot of fun.

Wednesday was our flight home.

Of course, our flight ended up with a 2 hour delay... and I already had to be dropped off early because of our airport ride situation. Anyway, by the time we got home (after 1 in the morning) it was a 12-hour travel day.

Again, for the most part our flights were uneventful. The only difficult part was that it was a long day and during our long wait I was trying to keep Will occupied.

On top of that, he has diarreah. (It seems many of my posts have something to do with poop!) Anyway, he's still dealing with it and I'm hoping it goes away and is not the beginning of rotovirus, again.

It is nice to be home. It's hot though. Ryan got the carpets professionally cleaned while I was gone, so I must say my house was BEAUTIFUL when we came home. The kids were thrilled to be home, in their own place, with their toys, Daddy was there and there's the puppy as well.

Ryan let me get to sleep and he stayed up with the kids to put them to bed. And a major highlight?! Ryan took the morning off work so I could sleep in and he could be with us.


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