Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laundry Rant

I hate doing laundry. Do I hear an "AMEN"?!

For awhile I've been doing really good keeping up with it. But with Maya having those accidents in the laundry room and then cleaning them up and mopping the floors, etc... I haven't been paying much attention to the hampers.

And yes, hampers is plural because I'm sorta anal retentive and have 5 different baskets; darks, lights, kids clothes, towels & jeans, and special wash. If I had more room I'm sure I'd have more.

It doesn't seem right that a family of our size should go through so many clothes. I mean, I understand the kids clothes with a baby who spits up and can poop out and Will with his messy yogurt and occassional accidents. But what drives me nuts is my husband's clothes! I swear he must go through 4 outfits a day... and that's not counting his uniform he wears for most of the day!

Then again, I'm one of those people who will wear pants/shorts without washing until they have too many dirty spots on them or begin to smell. C'mon, I'm in the house with the kids most of the time... it's not like I've got a public watching and analyzing me. At least I'm now getting to shower every day! Will is usually in the shower with me and Alanna is either sleeping or laying happily in her co-sleeper, but at least I'm getting a shower!

Anyway, my other issue is that I HATE when clean laundry is piled up. I got to the point where I've told Ryan not to touch the laundry unless he intended to fold it. A pile of clean laundry 3 feet high on top of the washer/dryer just stresses me out and I won't touch it 'cause I feel overwhelmed. What I do is have 3 baskets lined on the washer/dryer and fold each piece of laundry as I take them out of the dryer and place them in the proper person's basket.

Am I weird or something?

How do you do your laundry?


  1. Wen do ours a couple times a week. We normally do the wash and then just pull them out of the dryer and fold them as they come out.

    I would probably have more hampers and be a little more organized if we had more room :)

  2. I would have multiple hampers if I could...I'm still training DH and we don't have the room. Someday we will!