Sunday, July 18, 2010


Over the weekend, Ryan and I took the kids on our first real family outing since moving here. We drove down to Roswell, New Mexico! It's supposed to be like 3 hours away, but with my driving we made it in 2 1/2 hours. Not much to see on the way there, mostly flat, brown and green land with shrubbery... though you do pass through about 2 dilapidated towns on the way there.

The highway leads straight into the city. Roswell was interesting. It has a small town feel to it, though all major retailers and stores seem to be in place. Also, the New Mexico Military Institute is located right at the heart of the city --- it has some beautiful buildings and surrounding fields.

We had to do the tourist things, of course. First we went to the NM Museum and Art Center. After driving around we checked into our hotel, got dinner, picked up some bathing suits for the boys and enjoyed our evening after our drive. Then on Sunday we checked out of our hotel, wandered main street to see the UFO Museum, some of the alien stores and laugh at the neat things around there. After lunch we headed out to NM's first state park, The Bottomless Lakes. Overall it was a really good trip. The kids were GREAT in the car and we had a wonderful time.

Me and the kids by an actual painting by Georgia O'Keefe!

Going to dinner... love the aliens even included at IHOP

this big guy made us laugh

even WalMart had a space ship and an alien painted on the building. On the windows there were alien characters as well.

You can't see it well, but that green blob is a street lamp. They glow green!

Ryan and Will swimming at the hotel pool. Lana was sleeping in the room so that's where I had to be.

Outside the UFO Museum.

Will by the alien mascot.

Alanna wasn't too thrilled by this stop.

These are the street lamps that glow green at night. Too funny!

One of the many flying saucers that seem to be crashed into buildings all over main street.

Having a bbq with a new friend.

Will likes his new buddies.

Alanna and Will ready to get out of town.

The special space ship themed McDonald's

At the Bottomless Lakes.

The kids were sleeping in the car, so only Ryan and I enjoyed the scenery.

The cliffs were so huge up close. You just can't imagine until you see them.

There was only 1 lake you could swim in, but we didn't know which one, 'cause while there we saw nobody around.

proof that it does get hot!

And finally, here is a snapshot of Alanna at home learning to sit up. She turns 3 months tomorrow, but she's strong!

And a little video of my smiling little girl!

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  1. Fun! GIve me a call & maybe we can get together this week!