Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and the Puppy

Everything is going well right now.

Sunday a lady from church drove up with me to Farmington (4 hours away from Albuquerque) to pick up our new puppy. We have named her Maya and she is so incredibly sweet. She loves to be held and cuddled and since she's barely 8 weeks old she likes to sleep and isn't so hyper.

Will enjoys playing with her. When Maya is chewing on her toy Will comes up, takes it away and has her chase him. I think a puppy friend was just what he needed. He doesn't like when she climbs on him or grabs his pant legs though.

Maya is doing well with house-training. She's only pottied twice and once was completly Ryan's fault because he wouldn't wait for her to do her business outside. Luckily she's very small so her messes are small too.
We're also crate training her. She cries off and on through-out the night but she does not potty in her bed. It's nice to be able to go somewhere and know that she isn't damaging the house too.

Halloween went great. I took Will to our church harvest festival the night before. He wasn't too sure about all the people but eventually he got comfortable enough to wander around. He still hates bouncy houses. I think the highlight to his night was wandering outside in this fenced in area where there was a soccer ball and some cones. By the way, he got many compliments on how cute his costume was... I think it was one of the best there. It was really cold that day, in fact, that afternoon it had been snowing! Now I thought New Mexico was supposed to be hot... apparently not in the winter.

On Halloween all three of us dressed up in our costumes -- that I made -- and took Will for a short trick-or-treating session. He loved carrying his Elmo bucket and when people offered him candy he would take one piece, put it in his bucket and then try to grab another. It was very cute. Then at home while the trick-or-treaters were coming to the door he would get all excited, race to the door and then try to offer the kids whatever he happened to have in his hand. He was all about giving away candy. And then he'd point and babble at the kids, which made them laugh. Will also REALLY likes candy! All in all it was a fun night.

We're still working on the whole moving-in thing. The past couple days I've been focusing on Will's room. He now has curtains and things are more organized. There is a lot more wall space in his room than before so I'm keeping an eye out for decor. Now with the curtains he sleeps in a bit longer since it keeps things darker -- the time change has been very frustrating for me.

And I should mention that we have found ourselves a great babysitter. She's a girl from church who is in her Freshman year of college. She's great with Will and we can tell when we get home that he's had a good day. Hannah also has 2 younger sisters so in the case that she's not available there is probably a back up. Her mom was the lady who went with me to pick up Maya, and they have generously offered to puppy sit while we go home for Christmas.

I'm going to add very quickly that I'm so completely excited for Thanksgiving. My siblings are driving down and I can't wait! The 4 of us haven't been together for about 2 years. I'm already planning our dinner.

Guess that's all for now. You can check out the little video of Will and Maya below.


  1. Cute picture of Will and Maya sleeping! I'm so glad you've found a reliable babysitter :) Hope you don't mind my following your blog, I followed the picture links on facebook!

  2. That picture of William with Maya sleeping on him looks like Ryan did when he was a baby! -Sandra