Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blankets and Bellies

Ryan and I had a very productive Veteran's Day! The bedroom and office are looking more like rooms rather than storage containers and many loads of laundry have been completed and folded.

One of the best parts was that Ryan took care of Will and Maya from the morning until nap time which gave me the opportunity to concentrate and finish the quilt I was working on. A friend of mine is having a baby and since I couldn't be there for the shower (and she sent me a lovely hand-made blanket when Will was born) I decided it was only right to put in the effort to make something special. It was frustrating at parts but overall I think the blanket turned out alright. It's the first quilt I've made from scratch in YEARS and better than the little thing I made Will after he was born (which was a kit thingy). This one seems heavy and should keep any little baby warm.

And, since I kept getting requests here are a few pregnancy pics. The first one I think is better of the belly but you can't see my face much so I added the second one.


  1. I request you put some Pictures Frames above your couch. Sehr gut ja?

  2. We're still moving in and have most living room furniture in temporary places until we get the entertainment center. Once everything is in place, yes, there will be pictures above the couch.